We offer the complete service for museums, art-galleries or art-studios.

Exhibition installation

Every work of art needs his adequate ambience. Suitable plinths and display boxes are just as important as the adaptation of the whole room to the respective demands of the exhibition. Thanks to a series of selected partners we can offer various solutions and their realization.

Lighting Design

A simple light bulb doesn’t make lighting design. Only with the right choice of lighting the exhibit begins to live and to tell us his story. By the accomplished use of qualitative and customisable lighting technique, we can stage every object effectively. You’ll be surprised by how many things you can do with lighting.


Every piece of art needs his own care and attention. Thanks to the application of special materials, tested for museal use, we can plan a fitting and careful assembling, maintaining the highest preservation standards.


Who has a good start has almost won. Especially in the art business a good consulting is vital to avoid problems and lower costs. We’re pleased to advise you, wether you plan an exhibition, search for an effective lighting solution or for special materials for your exhibits.
And by the way: the most expensive solution is not always the best!

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